Dear Fetha Styx faithful-

I Hope you have enjoyed and made many memories with the custom and production rods we have built for you in the last 8 years plus. Unfortunately, due to rise in manufacturing taxes and general cost of doing business, we will have to close our doors. I appreciate everyones support and loyalty during my time running Fetha Styx fishing rods.

Bill Boyce

We understand that you may have questions or concerns. Please direct all inquiries regarding Fetha Styx rods or for Custom rod orders to Gary Williams, Windshadow Custom Rods.


Although Fetha Styx will no longer be able to honor warranty issues or take orders for custom rod builds, Gary may be able to service our valued clients on a case by case basis if at all possible. We currently have a very large inventory of new, ready to ship Chrome series and Homewater series rods which will be liquidated on a first come, first serve basis at prices 60% or more off of retail ($50- $150) depending on the model.

*Please DO NOT ship any warranty rods to us. All rods received without personal and prior approval of Gary Williams will be sent back RETURN TO SENDER. Thank you for your understanding. The Fethastyx family.

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